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The Tracker (The Dregs Book 1)

by Leslie Georgeson on 2018-02-16

Feared by most. Hated by others. Envied by none.
Always hunted, they live in the shadows.
Once powerful warriors, they are now the dregs.

In a city overrun by gang violence, can these former soldiers overcome their violent pasts, dispel the stigma surrounding them, and learn to fall in love?

The Tracker:

I’m a trained killer. An expert tracker.

I’ve done despicable things. My soul is damaged. My body impaired. That’s what happens when you are a soldier for The Company. I was discharged a year ago. Now I am a dreg. Worthless. With a bounty on my head. I’ve become a creature of the night, hiding in an underground maze during the day. Because I’m not ready to die yet.

She comes to me one night, needing my help to find her sister. The moment I see her, I want her. Her goodness calls to me, makes me yearn for the impossible. She brings life back to the deadness inside me. I’m no good for her. I will do nothing but corrupt her. But I’m a callous bastard. I can’t resist her.

I try not to care for her, but somehow she slips under my skin. She makes me weak. And there is only one thing in this world I am afraid of. Weakness.

I’ll never be good enough for her, so I have to finish this job and send her on her way.

Before she destroys me.

This is an 8-book series. These books are romantic suspense with sci-fi elements. Each contains a separate romance with an HEA (and no cliffhangers!) However, it is recommended that they be read in order to get the full "dreg" experience. These books contain strong language and adult situations. Recommended for readers ages 18 and up.

Unseen (Underneath Book 3)

by Leslie Georgeson on 2017-09-30

No one ever understood him.
No one saw him for who he truly was.
No one, until her.

**This is the final book in a 3-book series. It is recommended that you read EXILED and DRIFTER before reading this book.**

Ethan Hunter has been misunderstood his entire life. A brilliant paleontologist with a genius I.Q., he resides alone in his fossil excavation pit, a willing slave to his research. As the years pass, he slowly loses all traces of his humanity.

When a powerful enemy invades his domain and takes Ethan captive, Ethan suffers a traumatic injury that nearly kills him. Struggling to accept his new handicap, he is forced to reassess who he truly is underneath the façade he’s hidden behind for so many years.

Maddy Carlson is a medical doctor who can’t ignore an injured person—even if he is an asshole. She saves Ethan’s life, knowing full well that her decision to help him puts her in serious danger. But she would do it again if she had to. Because Ethan just gets to her, and he always has.

Danger drives them closer, and love unexpectedly blooms. Maddy urges Ethan to see the man he can be and makes him long for a life he never thought possible.

The fate of Africa rests on Ethan’s shoulders. But he is reluctant to face all the people he’s wronged. Will they forgive him? Can he somehow make amends?

The drifters are out of control. The volcano is unstable. And Ronin is still determined to rule.

Will Ethan—for once in his life—do the right thing?

Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion to the Underneath series. Scroll up and buy now!

Books in this series:

EXILED – Book 1
DRIFTER – Book 2
UNSEEN – Book 3

Books should be read in order. While each contains a separate romance, the plot continues from book to book, and the story doesn’t reach a final conclusion until the end of book 3. These books contain adult language and situations. Recommended for readers ages 18 and up.