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Here and There: Book One of The Strada Series

by Lexa Kline on 2018-07-25

When a mysterious man calling himself Keene falls from a thirty story building onto the hood of her car, Holly Blake's life promptly flips upside down. She's in grief counseling to recover from the loss of her fiance, who, according to the mysterious stranger, was "one of us" - the Strada, a race of non-humans existing in a parallel dimension, separated from humans by just a few seconds of time and a barrier called the In Between.

Holly doesn't believe any of it...which makes it that much easier for her to just give in and go with it when the ruggedly handsome stranger initiates an intimate connection with her. But when his best friend and worst enemy follows him across the barrier with the intention of causing trouble, Holly finds herself helping them solve the mystery of who and what exactly her fiance was...innocent victim, or cold blooded killer?

Here And There is the first part of a steamy paranormal romance trilogy sparkling with erotic humor and just a touch of science fiction - for those who like a little "think" with their kink.