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Taken by the Dragon Lords (Dragon Shifters of Kiyria Book 3)

by Lexa Lumos on 2019-02-14

Brea Duncan is sick and tired of men who treat her like dirt. So when a mysterious man with glowing gold eyes saves her from getting beat up by an ex-boyfriend, she’s willing to overlook the fact he abducts her and carries her off to the stars. Sort of.

Turns out her abductor is a dragon shifter from Kiyria and he and his brothers want her as their mate. Unfortunately, she’s been burned too many times and is hesitant about risking her heart, even with three such amazing men. It isn’t until their lives are in danger that Brea not only finds the strength within herself, but her love for her three men.

Taken by the Dragon Lords is book three in the Dragon Shifters of Kiyria series.

Captured by the Dragon Lords: A Paranormal SciFi Reverse Harem Romance (Dragon Shifters of Kiyria Book 2)

by Lexa Lumos on 2019-01-25

What does any self-respecting woman do when she is abducted by three sexy dragon shifters? She mates with them, of course!

Jane Sinclair is not amused. She’d almost convinced herself that her memory of being abducted by three sinfully sexy aliens was nothing more than a dream. Then she’s abducted, again!

The dragon shifters offer her a life as their mate and even though she tries to resist them it isn’t long before she finds herself falling for the triad. After all, it’s not every day a girl gets the chance to have not one but three gorgeous men who will fulfill her every desire. But a cruel twist of fate tears Jane away from her dragons before she has a chance to bond with them, leaving her with the crushing fear she’ll never see them again.

Is Jane doomed to live a life without the men she has fallen in love with, or will she find her way back to them and the happiness she so desperately wants?

Find out in Captured by the Dragon Lords, the book two in the Dragon Shifters of Kiyria series.

Caution: This book contains sexy alien dragon shifters who mate as a triad and please their women with toe-curling sex and unconditional love and commitment.