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Arriving Soon


Lesbian Alien Afairs: Her Night with an Alien Heiress

by Lexi Thorne on 2018-06-25

The sound of the alarm broke our kiss, and Madrelan pushed me away roughly. Always the cautious one, she constantly analyzed any and everything… which included our forbidden relationship.

“Come on,” she muttered, grasping my hand tightly and yanking me. “Tzayzlon, we have to go. We can’t be found here!”

Magic, New Mexico: Touch of Winter (Kindle Worlds Novella) (A Magic Exchange Abroad Book 1)

by Lexi Thorne on 2017-09-17

Touch of Winter
A Magic Exchange Abroad

What happens when Ciro travels via a portal bridging the gaps between the small town of Magic, New Mexico in search of mastering this thing called witchcraft. As an alien from the frozen tundra planet Glacier with an affinity for ice magic and a habit of getting into trouble he quickly finds himself at odds with the people of Magic, New Mexico. Can Ciro find the answers to his questions or will life in a small town studying witchcraft cause unforeseen complications?

Speaking of unforeseen complications we better talk about this bombshell pistol.