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Archaic: Reverse Harem Paranormal Shifter Romance (Reverse Harem Series Book 2)

by Lexy Timms on 2018-04-14

Torn between two worlds. And four men.

Sebastian. Toshi. Theo. Kyle.

My pretense of a human life was shattered when someone close to me died.

Kyle was killed.

I needed answers and the only way to find them is to ask Sebastian, Toshi and Theo to find out who’s responsible. Unknown to us, we’re playing right the killer’s hands.

A member of the Primal Council, wants to use me as a weapon to destroy his enemies. He wants to take control of the Council and rule over the Primals so he can lead a war against the humans and drive them to extinction.

Lines are drawn and sides must be chosen.

Will the Council declare me an enemy too? One who should be hunted and killed?

Reverse Harem Series

Note: The author would like to let you know that this is book 2 of a series and it does end on a mild cliff hanger.