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Hunt for the Sirens: A LitRPG Harem Fantasy Adventure (Hero's Conquest Book 1)

by Liam Wilde on 2018-10-15

Hero's Conquest, the Virtual Reality MMORPG, is an international sensation that has swept the world, a huge fantasy world that spans the size of a small country, where almost anything is possible.

James Erikson lives like a king. One of the few players to have reached the maximum level, he has the power to take on any player or NPC character in single combat, or, if he chooses, to seduce them.

But now, a new quest will test him to his limits.

The Siren, a mysterious player lurking somewhere in the game, set forth a challenge. The player who completes this challenge will win her favor, and everything that comes with it, in the real world.

James starts on his adventure to track down the Siren, and complete whatever trials he must in order to win her hand, and take her for his own...

Hunt for the Sirens, is a LitRPG Fantasy Adventure, containing magical creatures, powerful spells, multiple enchanting succubi, and and alpha-male hero with something to prove.