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Crusade (Shadow Core - Book 3)

by Licinio Goncalves on 2018-06-30

The conflict against the Progenitor Order has come to an end after a near year-long struggle, but at a terrible cost: Drake has disappeared; the Alliance Council is powerless to act as unrest grows throughout Halcyon space; the Order moves to cement its hold over the galaxy; and whispers of betrayal sweep through the colony worlds, as tales run rampant about a deadly exchange between the Shadow Defence Force and the Zenith. The universe darkens, but all is not as it seems…

Far from the relative safety of Halcyon space – on the outskirts of the Old Systems and dangerously close to the Solarian Union’s sphere of influence – a Progenitor fleet casts its deadly gaze upon a paradise world that holds an ancient secret. Emboldened by their new-found freedom, the Progenitors search the galaxy for the final key that will grant them total control of humanity: the Zero Core; the hub of the most powerful galactic network ever created.

A desperate cry for help echoes throughout the stars as the Icarus races headlong towards a distress signal of unknown origin, coming from the long-forgotten star system that once shaped humanity’s destiny and now holds the key to its uncertain future.

The fight against the Progenitor Order is about to flare up one last time, and it risks awakening the merciless ‘Protector’ of the ancient world.

What happened to the Zenith?
What secrets does the planet hold?
Will humanity survive?