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Alpha's Temptation (Omega's of Pandora Book 4)

by Lillian Sable on 2019-04-18

She had never heard the word Omega.

When Aura crash lands on an alien planet, she finds herself surrounded by feral Alphas males. She doesn’t understand what has made them this way, but her only option is to run. They look like men, but act like animals and are consumed by the desire to take her in the most depraved ways. Ways that would literally tear her apart.

All except one.

Castor is so much more than he seems. But right now, he is the only thing standing between this strange girl and the dangerous Alpha prowling the Forbidden Zone. He has maintained his sanity while trapped in the wasteland but at great cost. The urge to claim her for his own overwhelms his fragile hold on control. He will protect the confused Omega from the Alphas intent on doing her harm, but he will also claim her for his own.

Alpha’s Temptation is the fourth book in the Omega’s of Pandora series, but is the first in Castor and Aura’s story. It may be enjoyed without having read previous installments. This is dark, Omegaverse romance with a cliffhanger.