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Vengeance of Ares (Deity Force 1)

by Lillianna Rushing on 2019-01-11

What could possibly go wrong when childhood sweethearts Ares and Wolfe reunite after ten long years?
So very many things. One has become an outlaw that lives her life by the law of Lex Talionis and always demands an eye for an eye. The other an elite soldier tasked to hunt her down. But if one thing remains true in a time when aliens, space travel, and people with extraordinary abilities are common place, it is this; never tell a man to take down the woman he loves.
Wolfe survives horrors that would break most women. It only makes her stronger, even if she barely clings to her sanity. Having a hot alien best friend that thinks she's perfect helps.
Ares was forced by the corrupt government to leave everything and everyone he loves behind to join the elite Deity Force military unit. He finds his strength in the family his unit becomes.
She stabs people first and asks questions later. He thinks that is a charming little quirk. Together they’ll find the perfect vengeance and their deepest desires.
What's a little stabbing between friends?