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Rose of Silk: Cowboy and Stepbrother Romance (A Mixed Steamy Romance Book Collection)

by Lindsey Hendrix on 2018-04-03

Get FOUR hot cowboy and stepbrother romance short stories PLUS bonus hot romance stories inside!

The Ranch of New Dreams –Cowboy and BBW Romance

Stephanie has been trying to stay away from her grandfather's ranch for almost ten years. She once loved this place and spent most of her summers here riding horses. She had met her first love here and experienced the most painful loss the guilt which she has yet to overcome.

Now, one year after her grandfather passed away, Stephanie has to return to the ranch to decide its further destiny. She is intent on selling it to invest the funds into her prospering IT company.

One thing she dreads the most is seeing Erik again. Her grandfather has left him in charge of the ranch. As great as her teenage love for Erik was, she knows deep in her heart she will never find the courage to forgive him for the heartbreak she went through.

Laid, Lust & Lies – Stepbrother Billionaire MFM Menage Romance

I haven’t been home in four years. And that’s all their fault. Wyatt and Tyler. The two hottest men I know who have me thinking of my curvy body being sandwiched between hard abs and firm thighs. Those two hot millionaires are my step-brothers and if the idea is already absurd to want to belong to and be possessed by these men, the relationship between us makes it impossible. So I do what I have to and become estranged from my family to keep from crawling on my knees and taking what is not mine.

When our parents die in a horrific car accident, leaving me with no other choice but to go home, I get my best friend to pose as my lesbian girlfriend. To protect me from them. Never would I have guessed that I am not the only one harboring dirty secrets…

Bound by the Bronco–Cowboy and Pregnancy Romance

Carter isn’t your typical cowboy. Not by a long shot. He’s rich, handsome, and has a particular appreciation for the kinky side of life. And he’s not shy about bringing that kink into the office. It’s an arrangement that has worked for everyone for quite some time. But that’s about to change. The heat is about to get turned up. Carter isn’t just looking for a willing submissive. He’s also looking for the right woman to carry his baby.

The competition in the office will be fierce. Any woman would kill for a chance to carry his seed. And one of them might do just that.

Strange and Beautiful –Stepbrother Billionaire BBW Romance

Tara has been away at college for a long time and she decides to spend the summer with her recently engaged mother in Miami. Little does she know that her mom’s fiancé lives in a gorgeous estate, where his son Noah also decides to spend the summer with his girlfriend, Denise.

Tara is her usual shy and quiet self but she feels herself opening up to Noah in a way that feels wrong, but so right. He is immediately bewitched by the strange and beautiful girl who is to be his new stepsister, and soon sees that she is a better fit for him than Denise.

Can they carry out their forbidden love in secret, or will they have to give each other up in the face of society’s morals?

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!