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The Loneliest Girl in the Galaxy: (he was gender swapped in space - a sci-fi TG romance)

by Lisa Change on 2018-05-09

They called it Satan’s Star.

Out in the wastes of the Kuiper Belt, an alien mystery with a deadly power. The power to shift reality. The power to make those observing it change into anything at all…

Now cosmonaut Sergei and his colleague Tom have been sent by their governments to harness that power. But when the Star unleashes a pulse on their ship, the two men suddenly find themselves trapped in a new reality. One where they’re no longer two straight men, but man and wife, adrift in space.

Billions of miles from home, Sergei is about to find out what it means to become a beautiful woman with female thoughts and female desires. And in the cold emptiness of space, how long can it be before Tom's bunk starts to look very warm and inviting…?

The latest transgender romance by Lisa Change is a thrilling piece of sci-fi inspired by the old space films of the 1970s. By turns romantic, chilling, and oddly beautiful, this PG tale will delight fans of TG stories and retro sci-fi alike! Approx. 12k words.

Trapped as a Girl: (she turned them into girls - five tales of gender transformation)

by Lisa Change on 2018-03-20

College kid Dorian has a secret. By day, he's a handsome, straight boy with a loving girlfriend. By night, he dreams of living the life he always wanted: as a gorgeous girl with the whole of London at her feet! But what will happen when his dreams come true...?

Cursed by a magic painting, Dorian suddenly finds himself leading a double life as blonde bombshell Darina, the cutest girl in England! Pretty, popular, and married to a hunk of a man, Dorian must now decide if his sparkly new transgender dream life is worth giving up everything in his old male life for... forever.

In the longest tale in her new collection The Gender Transformation of Dorian Gray Lisa Change – author of The School Boy Who Turned into a Girl – invites you into a parallel London where boys can magically turn into beautiful girls, and unexpected romance is only one transformation away! The rest of the collection includes:

The Perfect Punishment
Love rat Steve has been sleeping with his best friend Josh’s wife. But when he finally convinces Violet to run away with him, an ancient curse ensures he gets his just desserts. Magically transformed into his own mistress, Steve must now give Josh the best night of his life… or risk being stuck as beautiful Violet forever!

He Became Her Hucow
There’s been some funny goings on at Sissyville Farm. Men are vanishing at an alarming rate and the cruelly-attractive owner, Mistress Clara, has some secrets up her sleeve. But Clara doesn’t take kindly to policemen poking around. And soon those two young cops are going to discover what it feels like to become a pair of gorgeous female hucows…

Turned into Her Breasts
Tyler thought he could cheat on his flat chested wife with the busty bimbo next door. He didn’t realize that Brooke would concoct the perfect revenge for a man obsessed with breasts: turning him into the biggest pair in town!

The Stripper Curse
Fifteen men have all vanished inside Rosie’s Gentlemen’s Club. Hotshot reporter Kyle thinks he’s sniffed out a terrifying story about men being magically turned into strippers. Little does he know it’s a story he’ll soon become a part of…

Lisa Change’s fourth collection of sparkly transgender tales includes multiple scenes of magical MTF TG transformation, bimbofication, cross dressing, sexual orientation reversal, strong men being turned into beautiful, submissive girls, and all sorts of other transgender delights with a grand total of 26k words! Includes author introductions and insights into each story!

Please note: originally published with a different cover.