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Discoveries: The path of the least resistance

by Lisa Jaravine on 2018-11-03

In the world of the future, life is good. But how will we get there? To make life better, many current problems need to be solved. Will smart computers do that for us? And human consciousness, will it develop to a higher level to match computers? Futurist Ray Kurzweil in his book Singularity is Near presented evidence that our civilisation is exponentially developing and heading toward the singularity in 2045, when discoveries on the scale of electricity will happen on a daily basis. But how that will be possible? In these two SF novellas, the reader will witness major discoveries as they are being made. In “The Path of the Least Resistance” global problems threatening the collapse of our civilisation, such as energy shortages and global warming, are solved; in “Discovery,” the solution of solutions is conceived.

“Very fresh, written in a fashion resembling scripts of TV series about Internet start-ups. Slightly resembling James Bond films, but subtler, with a light touch of romance … positive, constructive and inspiring.”

“It would not be surprising if the novellas inspire many successful start-ups.”

“Lisa & Victor Jaravine’s ‘Discoveries’ take the dystopian novel in a new, original direction. It’s well written, fast-moving and really inspiring.” Justin Gustainis, author of Hard Spell and Black Magic Woman.

Lisa and Victor, in spite of their generation gap, work well together creatively. Lisa is a student of ecology at Landau University and writes SF stories. Victor worked as a scientist, writing programs to send sequences of pulses to quantum spins in human biomolecules. The knowledge that all physical objects have a quantum nature taught him to look at reality in a conceptually different way and to recognise that solutions to our problems are not only possible but absolutely inevitable.