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Archer: Alliance of Peace : Vampire and Wolf Must Fight As One

by Lisa Ray on 2017-07-22

When Bella becomes the new Veterinarian in a remote town in Maine, she had no idea that she will meet a man with a secret.
There has been peace over 4000 years since the "Great War" when Vampire fought against Wolf and blood covered the land. A truce has allowed Vampire and Wolf to live harmoniously together among unknowing humans. Now a rogue band of both species, working together, are creating havoc, trying to take the world back to the old ways only this time it will be the humans thats blood will cover the lands. Archer, as the pack leader, must work with the Vampires that want to keep the truce or all will be lost. Especially since he has finally found the woman that he has waited for all of his life. And she is human.