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Midnight Dual: The Rough Man: Various Genres of Romance

by Lisa Stanton on 2017-10-18

This passionate book includes the various genres of romance short stories (3 Stories) PLUS the collective 25 FREE bonus romance short stories INSIDE THIS BOOK!

First and Goal – Stepbrother Football Romance

When Josie goes out for a fun night with her friend Jess and the rest of the crew at her law firm, she doesn’t expect things to end up as messy as they do. She wakes up the next morning in a mysterious man’s bed but sneaks out before he wakes and continues on with her life as usual – until her mother asks her to meet her fiancé. Josie arrives at her mom’s fiancé’s house and finds herself at a loss for words when she meets his son, Luke, the man she woke up with.

Josie and Luke don’t know what to make of their arrangement. They both want to hook up again, but with their parents getting married, they’re technically almost step-siblings. Luke and Josie fight against all odds to just have a little fun as long as they can.

Four Fangs and the Ever-After – Threesome MFM Vampire and Pregnancy Romance

Rachel's mind is occupied on the most important case of her life. If she pulls this off, she can look forward to a promotion and a healthy pay raise. And, she promised herself, a well-deserved vacation.
But no one can figure out who murdered Abbey Fitzgerald. She had no enemies, yet she was found in a brutal state in her bathtub.

When Rachel meets two men, equally as odd and as beautiful as each other, her thoughts are pulled elsewhere. When she discovers their secret, the world as she knows it crumbles down in front of her. Yet, she can't walk away. She gets deeper and deeper and lets herself fall in love with not one, but two, vampires.

The clues come together and the case solves itself. Rachel is confident that she can link the vampires to Abbey's murder. But they're her lovers. She can't turn them in now.

In the midst of the mayhem, science is defied once again and Rachel becomes pregnant. A cord has been created that binds her two lives together. But who does the baby belong to? And does it even matter?

Charmed by His Looks-Alien MMF Menage Romance

Duke breaks up with his fiancée and is devastated. Now it is up to Sandra to make her long time crush, Duke, realize that she was the right woman for him all along. She offers to take him on a cruise on her yacht for a couple of days so that he can forget about Macy, his ex. It is during the cruise that they are shipwrecked and find themselves on a deserted island where they meet up this handsome looking movie star, Sean Masters.

Little do they know that Sean is an alien who has taken over the movie star’s body, until after they’ve had sex and see him in his alien body. They now have to get away to safety not knowing what the alien can do.

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WARNING: Please note: this book contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.