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Spiritdancer I

by Lisa Stotler on 2017-10-31

Teagan: "It’s hard for my fragmented mind to tell everything he’s done to me. The first rape was his invasion of my soul, and now, unless I hear his thoughts, every word, every thought of my own is a struggle. Even the Dark-eyes staring back in the mirror aren’t mine, and they make it impossible for me to see the Light through them. "

"My life changed suddenly when my husband, Jack, was taken. Then as my brother, Talon, and I set out to find him, a Dark-energy overwhelmed us. Later, we found out it was this same Darkness that had taken Jack. It took me eventually, or rather, the Warrior from whom the negative-energy is emanating, abducted me."

"Talon didn’t realize the Light was being squelched until he was attacked and he'd been powerless to stop it. Now, in his weakest state, hen must face this Darkness to protect my children, unaware the Dark Warrior's soul is possessing me."

The Spiritdancer Series is an exciting and humorous sci-fi romance written for both women and men. Spiritdancer, a story of love and life, is also a journey of survival and a quest toward healing. The saga deals with painful truths some may find offensive and others may find inspirational.

Spiritdancer's cosmology is unique in that it is set on an infinite plane, and each 'world' is an interconnected pyramidal-domed ‘realm’ upon that plane. *see the reference section

Short Synopsis: Spiritdancer I
A Dark-energy is sweeping across the Infinite Plane, bringing discord to every realm it touches. Even the Warriors are not immune to it. As Teagan Kingslayer and her brother, Talon, are swept into the Darkness, both lose someone they love to it. Then Talon, at his weakest, has to face the only opponent he could never defeat and the only one he would never try to.

*trigger warning
*Adult subject, language, sexuality, abuse
*Spiritdancer I is Part 1 of 8
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