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The Edge of Deception: A Deception Pass Area Reservation Novel (DPAR Book 1)

by Lola Daniels on 2017-12-23

The people who live on the Deception Pass Area Reservation (DPAR) have long been aware of the caution that must be taken when shopping, working or traveling outside of their camp. Now, the unexpected arrival of a boat carrying men, women and children who’ve escaped from horrific conditions, brings to light a new and menacing threat. One that might end their very existence.

Jag is the leader responsible for over a thousand reservation lives, and the man who must carefully weigh the health and welfare of a few against the safety of many. Alix is the leader by default, of 14 survivors from a scientific lab, where inhuman experiments tested their very souls. A weaver by trade, she is more accustomed to creating fine linens than with the protection of others, but Alix will do anything to ensure the well-being of those depending on her, including keeping secrets from the man who makes her feel safe again.

Can the two of them learn to trust each other and work together? Or will time run out and other innocent lives be lost?