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Arriving Soon


Tellan: Brides of the Mylos

by Loretta Johns on 2019-01-02

Laurel Chin led an ordinary, comfortable life.

While many might think waitressing wasn't a great job, Laurel Chin loved it. She enjoyed meeting the customers and working side by side with her family in their small Jamaican-Chinese fusion restaurant on the edge of Birmingham's Chinatown. Like everyone else, she'd been astounded at first when the aliens first appeared, but as they offered friendship and trade, she soon lost most interest in the news about them. If there was anything to worry about, she trusted Prime Minister Simms and Parliament would let the public know. She settled back into her routine of work, Sunday lunch at her mother's, and hanging out with her sister.

Tellan was honoured to be named Ambassador.

Tellan knew the Mylos were in need of fresh genetic trade. The humans of Earth were a bit less advanced socially and technologically than their past trade partners, so great care had to be taken when offering treaty terms. If all went smoothly, he'd soon see human institutions of higher learning teaching Mylos science and philosophy and Bride Registry Centres open across the globe. Then the Bride Fleet assigned to Earth would arrive and Tellan could return home for less fraught diplomatic duties.

All was not as it first seemed.

Neither Tellan nor Laurel knew that their governments had already made certain arrangements. Laurel definitely would have been wary of taking social media quizzes had she known what was about to happen. As for Tellan, he was matched and that was that, no matter how much he disapproved of the method used to do so. They had to try to make this work- the fate of both their worlds and a galactic civilisation sat upon their shoulders. It was duty, but if the match was accurate, it was also a fated love.

Mate the Stars Books 1-3

by Loretta Johns on 2018-08-04

The Mylos came for genetic trade, offering a chance for the women of Earth to meet and marry their perfect other half as well as offering advances in technology and education for all. Many women embraced the offer, but not everyone was convinced. Conspiracy theories abound about the real reason the aliens are here and just what they are doing with the women of Earth.

Darla just wanted money for college. She and her best friend had grand plans of just how they were going to spend their college years together after shaking off the dust of their small town in Tennesee. Not only did she end up matched, but it's to the commander of the Mylos Bride Fleet itself! Is it truly as it seems, that they are soul mates brought together by cosmic forces or is it all a hoax?

Melissa's birthday in DeFuniak Springs, Florida could not have gone any worse. Losing her job, she turns to the local college outreach campus for help getting qualifications for a job she can support her three young children with. Imagine her surprise when she finds herself urged to apply for the Bride Scholarship. Taking a chance, she's shocked when she finds that she is indeed matched with someone. Not only that, but by signing the paperwork, she's legally already married and her alien mate is on his way to collect her and the children! Soon after their mating, she has yet another surprise- a baby! Will her new mate feel overwhelmed or will he be overjoyed? She's afraid to find out given her previous track record with men.

Marley is desperate to save the women being duped by the Mylos. Her own twin sister was one of them and since the day Mya was matched, Marley has never seen her again. She decides to do whatever it takes to save at least one woman. But has she made a terrible mistake?

This box set contains Books 1-3 of the popular Mate the Stars series (Gundar, Junrig, and Kranow). Full of intelligent women with realistic bodies and everyday foibles, this is for the all the believers in soul mates and who love a happy ever after with a bit of steam.

Kranow (Mate the Stars Book 3)

by Loretta Johns on 2018-06-25

"Where are all the breeding farms?"

All Marley had wanted to do was get justice for her twin sister and all of the rest of women duped by the Mylos into becoming their brides thanks to their hinky scholarship program. She hadn't meant for things to go as far as they did, but the time of reckoning had come. With Melissa's rescue and the arrest of the two goons she'd hired, it had only been a matter of time before she got caught.

Reunited with her twin on one of the distant Mylos planets, she got a big dose of reality. Her twin was happy, deeply in love and loved just as much in return, and a mother. There were no breeding farms as the propaganda had told her there were. Faced with the lies she'd been told and the damage she'd done, Marley had a choice to make- just how to make it up to Melissa, Junrig, and the rest of the Mylos and their brides current and potentially future. When the Mylos Council suggest a publicly broadcast apology and that she try her hand at applying for the scholarship herself, she sees her chance to start making amends while rebuilding her own life. After all, it's a one in a billion chance of getting matched, right?

"They want me to accept her as my mate?"

Kranow joined the Bride Fleet hoping the odds would favor him and provide him with a match. When he'd been told that he had one but it was a known terrorist, he'd felt appalled. Grateful to Commander Gundar for not sharing her image or any further information that would start his mating display, he quietly prepared himself to a future of being mateless. When he hears Marley has gone through rehabilitation and is now looking to make amends, he's horrified at the Council's request of him: allow his match to become public and accept Marley as his bride. A bride that has no idea that he's already been identified as her match and thinks she's taking a long shot chance, all as a gesture of a repentance. Can he trust her sincerity and allow himself to share his heart and soul? There's only one way to find out.

Junrig (Mate the Stars Book 2)

by Loretta Johns on 2017-12-03

Thirty-two, a single mom, and her world crashing down about her.

Melissa's thirty-second birthday was a train wreck only made worse when she ran out of gas on her way in. Not only did she have to go into work, but after coming in late once too often, she finds herself fired. Following her supervisor's suggestion that she look into taking some courses to gain a job qualification that might work better around her children's schedules, she's surprised when the financial aid officer suggests she go apply for the Bride Program grant. After seeing the stipend offered and armed with the knowledge that there is only the remotest of possibilities that she'd turn out to be someone's perfect match, she decides to take a chance...

Junrig joined the Bride Fleet not to find a bride, but to help make life easier for those who did. He knows he's more at home with star ship environmental systems than people, and that's okay. His assignment to the flagship of the Bride Fleet means he's among the last who will be entered into the matching program, and only then once more of the warriors and support staff on the other ships have mated. The day he is alerted to his match, he's astounded.

Is it all a mistake, or is their melded family's happiness truly written in the stars?

Junrig is the second book in the Mate the Stars series, but can be read as a stand-alone. It is 37, 886 words of unabashedly romantic love, with a HEA.

Gundar (Mate the Stars Book 1)

by Loretta Johns on 2017-08-26

The Mylos came for genetic trade, offering a chance for the women of Earth to meet and marry their perfect other half as well as advances in technology and education for all. Darla Levin isn't looking for a husband. She is, however, looking for money for college. Falling short of her needs using financial aid, she decides to take a gamble and apply for the Bride Registry Scholarship.It seems simple. You don't get matched unless you're a perfect genetic and psychological fit, and for the scholarship, the pool is limited to Mylos currently in orbit. Matches are so rare, she's never known anyone who has known anyone else who has been matched. After her best friend Angie registers and received her scholarship funds immediately, Darla takes the plunge. Only the unthinkable happens, and she finds she is now the mate to Gundar, the Commander of the Bride Fleet itself.

40,000+ words of romance with a happily ever after and no cliffhanger. For mature readers only!