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Arriving Soon


Elaine's First Contact

by Lori Dawn on 2017-09-01

Elaine's First Contact - A BWWM Paranormal Celestial Interracial Alien Mate Space Romance

It's been 3 days since anyone even visited her.

I should definitely be freaking out right now. What's wrong with me?
It didn't take long for her to settle in after Z'a'kte'r and his alien men captured her from her apartment in Chicago. In fact, pangs of guilt periodically sprung into her heart. She actually felt a sort of contentment that she hadn't felt in a very long time back on Earth.

In fact, the last time Z'a'kte'r visited her, Elaine offered to "do something for him", but Z'a' had her clothes ripped off before she could even finish her sentence. Now she isn't sure what her fate is. Will Z'a' just stop by her cell every now and then to give her what she needs, or does he have something more exciting in store for her? Either way, she's okay with it. Being stuck in a tiny cell on a ship that's flying through the universe at warp speed just isn't that bad.

Reader Advisory: This is a short story that you should be able to read in about an hour. Perfect for a day at the beach or a rainy afternoon at home :)

**Warning: The content of this book is extremely explicit**