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Breaking Bonds: The Second Vampire War, Book One

by Lori J. Kemper on 2017-08-26

A risky choice frees Megan from her cancer. But the cure comes with a price. The Mega program promises amazing super powers, age regression and restored health. Instead, the physicians she trusts strip her of her identity and abandon her to a post apocalyptic wilderness fraught with danger. With only fragmented memories to hint at who she once was, she embraces a new name, Liz.
In her quest to find answers, she finds herself swept into a world of genetically engineered vampires (Brutes and Elites) who struggle to escape their enslavement. Her desire to recover her past is matched by her desire to break them free of their bonds. Nothing is as it seems and betrayal lurks behind every corner. For the mysterious GEM organization manipulates everything and everyone. To them, humans and vampires are pawns. And Liz is a queen in their sadistic game. As she uncovers the secrets they’ve hidden from her, she discovers the extent of her amazing abilities, which she’ll use to save the men she loves.