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Arriving Soon


Shadowlands: Leanore's Tale

by Louann Carroll on 2018-02-22

A prequel (Novella) to A Shadow of Time by Louann Carroll. 79 pages.

Dimensions are closing, some exploding and some imploding. Time is short, a mere shadow of time for Kellyn, Connie and Leanore, to fix that which is wrong. But Leanore’s thoughts are elsewhere. Jack is missing and it is up to her to find him.

Leanore sets out in search of her husband. She is convinced that the man she just buried is not the man she loves, though she can’t get anyone to believe her. Even her daughter thinks she has lost her mind.

Yet, Leanore is convinced he is out there, lost and in need of her.

Will she find him before it is too late?