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Consternations with Time (Time Key Series Book 2)

by Louis Papaspyrou on 2017-08-18

'Present Time MUST be preserved.’

Consternations with Time, Book Two of the Time Key Series,
continues our story about the fight to repair the rift in Space-Time.

The link between Cause and Effect, a fundamental requirement of the
positive flow of past-time to present, has been broken. Did the failure
of the time shift experiment near the Sol System create the Daemon
Virus, or did this virus cause the failure of the time shift experiment?
Cause and Effect have become intertwined in an unbreakable twisted
loop of Space-Time. The rift is ever widening, leading to more ‘Events’
and violations of the fundamental laws governing space and time.

The failure of this experiment has threatened to violate the
Fundamental Laws of the Universe:

Laws of Conservation of Present Time.

Eventually, if the Rift is not repaired, the known universe will end in
a violent destruction of our basic laws of physics, and everything will
cease to exist.

The quest to find an uncorrupted copy of the Core Program continues
and has led our hero and his companions to a small hellish planetoid
called Helios Theta gripped by the ever growing influence of a fast
approaching Neutron star, Helios Gamma ….


I look along the shifting sand,
That time disturbs upon this land,
I walk amongst the stones so bland,
That slip away from where I stand.

The sands of time erode my day,
Yet I cannot stand to look away,
For as I keep past time at bay,
I must proceed to find a way.

I need to find those things I seek,
To explore these sands of time so bleak,
I clamber up from trough to peak,
In haste before I am too weak.

I know this wind it blows apace,
The blinding ash about this place,
To sting my eyes, my cheeks my face,
As I struggle against its hot embrace..........
[Last Part Omitted]