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Survivor: A Novel of 23rd Century Slavery (The GMH Project Book 1)

by Louise Spilsbury on 2018-04-26

Two centuries from now, the Water Wars and subsequent pandemics have ravaged the populations of Earth. At great cost, gen-tech companies like Heredis Corporation have created Genetically Modified Humans – GMH – to use as tools in humanity’s battle for survival.
Jian is a Heredis GMH and the company’s most successful Immunity Specialist. His immune system allows him to survive horrific diseases, and to create enhanced immunity cells which can save others as well. But it also makes him an especially rare and valuable asset to those who created him. They control every aspect of his life, including his Triad partners, two people he has been conditioned to depend on for grounding, survival and love. As Jian struggles to escape his conditioning and virtual slavery, Heredis moves to enmesh him further, using everyone close to him as pawns in their game.
But Heredis is unaware that Jian has another unique gift, one that gives him an edge which even he doesn’t immediately recognize…
This story contains a menage a trois and some explicit sexuality. Please make your reading choice accordingly. Enjoy!