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The Virgin and the Princes of Sakabba: A Reverse Harem Romance (Sakabban Royals Book 1)

by Lucy Paxon on 2017-09-07

She came for a business meeting. Not four magnificent, studly princes.

Princess Lattha hates wearing fancy dress. Here on the island of Wespren, her life is low-tech, low-stress, and low-profile. She far prefers fighting and belching contests to dressing up and meeting with formal dignitaries.

Especially the arrogant princes from high-tech Sakabba, who not only flaunt their glittering wealth in her face, but refuse to get down to the business they've come for - negotiating a contract. It should take only a few minutes to sign the papers that will supply their country with the mineral her island mines.

Until the virgin princess and the four sinfully handsome royals clash...and together light a spark they never expected, a spark that soon flames into an inferno of desire.

But when their meeting provokes the neighboring continent into violence, Lattha, Tabel, Andusel, Pachus, and Ruchus are forced to become allies and battle injury, espionage, kidnapping...and the irresistible, forbidden attraction Princess Lattha holds for the men who would defend her with their lives.

This action-packed scifi romance is a short story with sexy times and oodles of alpha hero goodness. It ends on a cliffhanger.