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Alec and the Wingmen

by Luke Souza on 2017-09-21

Yesterday it was a normal day in Bayville, but today everything is different – frightening and dangerous. This is the beginning of an impending alien invasion.
Alec Finch seems to be the only one capable of saving the world from the alien invasion, and Camila Evans is the only girl who knows the truth behind the mystery that surrounds Bayville. These two, along with Kevin, a science whiz, and Piper, a girl from another dimension will join their forces to save the world.
“The high paced story, the stormy and calm event bring in a rollercoaster to the read. The references make the point stronger and sometimes a lot funnier.”
As the protagonists try to solve the mystery, they fall straight into the darkness where most secrets are kept. However, no one is exactly what they look like. So along with the dark secrets, many masks will fall and the conspiracy will be exposed.
A large, inevitable battle will start between aliens and mankind, and Alec and his friends will face it fearlessly.
Who will win this fight? Is Alec capable of saving the world? What dark secrets have turned Bayville into a battlefield?
Follow Alec and his friends and put all the pieces together!