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House of Silence (Poisoned Houses Book 3)

by Lyn Forester on 2019-06-11

My life is a tug-of-war between family obligations and freedom, and I no longer know where I belong.

Inside my family’s house, I’m demi-Councilor Lonette, heir to the First Councilor position of Leton city. All powerful, with few who can claim to be my equal. And all it will cost me is my dreams.

At the Academia for Planetary Alliance, a finishing school for the elite, I’m Sparks, former disc-bike racer and thrill seeker. My former racing competitors are now my allies, but our relationship hinges on secrets and silence.

The safeguards I built around my emotions are cracking, the silence becoming too much. The war for who I’ll be is breaking me apart. Can those I long to be with accept the real me?

Do I even know who the real me is?

A slow-burn, sci-fi academy reverse harem series

House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2)

by Lyn Forester on 2018-10-26

My name is Caitlyn Lonette, and the political world I was born into refuses to let me escape.

Shipped off to finishing school for the world’s elite, I finally found a balance and the beginnings of love with Declan, Connor, and Felix, fellow children of the council leaders of Leton.

But like all things, my life is not my own, and when political strife rocks the city of Leton, we’re called home to stand as proxy for our parents. 
Ripped away from the safety of my friends, I’m once more cast into the cold embrace of my family, where my father decides it’s time I choose my future secretary, a person designed to fulfill all of my needs, both professional and private.

Nikola is a childhood friend, but the years apart have changed both of us. He looks at me with the expectations of our families. When I lose contact with my friends, I’m left with only Nikola to rely on. Already unsure in love, how do I stay true to myself when every day shows where I lack?

I hated the domed finishing school that was my prison, but now I long to be back there with the men who hold my trust and heart before my family twists my mind against me.

House of Glass (Poisoned Houses Book 1)

by Lyn Forester on 2018-10-26

My name is Caitlyn Lonette, and I've just been burned.

Caught participating in illegal disc-bike racing, my father, First Councilor Lonette, ships me off to finishing school to learn the ways of politics, either voluntarily or through brainwashing if necessary. 

There, I reconnect with my old racing competitors, Blaze, Vice, and Rush, who turn out to be fellow councilor’s children. We forge a bond to resist the school’s assimilation, to stay true to our passions, but soon find that a love of racing isn’t the only thing we share. 

The energy that sings through my blood every time we touch thrills me in a way racing never did before. Raised in a family who lacks physical contact, I have to tread carefully or risk being consumed by these three dangerous men. If I can trust them, they’ll be my salvation. Doubt whispers to me, though, that my naïveté and need for connection will place my trust in the wrong place.

Whatever happens, we have four years to figure out how to change our fates, or be forced to follow in the path of our ancestors. 

House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2)

by Lyn Forester on 2018-01-12

When political unrest uproots Caitlyn once again, will she be able to find her feet in an ever changing world of intrigue?

Just as Caitlyn begins to dream of a future with Declan, Connor, and Felix, she’s called back to the Lonette Manor to act as proxy for her father. Returned to the gilded cage of her family, Caitlyn attempts to hold her own in a sea of political maneuvering. Floundering and cut off from the support of her guys, she finds herself bereft all over again.

When Caitlyn is presented with choices for her future secretary, she begins to see how complicated life can become. In the Lonette family, the secretary fulfills all of their councillor’s needs, both professional and private. Faced with those trained in seduction, will Caitlyn be able to resist their proposals?

Whispers of her guys ill intentions only furthers her doubts as Caitlyn struggles to choose her path: accept the approved support of her secretary, or continue to fight for the more risky proposition of her guys?