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Mate For Two (Helan Universe Book 1)

by Lynn Tyler on 2019-03-03

(Menage, Erotic Sci-Fi, M/M/F, HEA)

This book has been previously published.

It’s not easy being king, especially when you’re the king of a dying people. But that’s exactly what D’Arik is. Now, he and his consort, Varin, are faced with the task of finding a female mate to carry their child.

Jacy Townsend is enraged by the thought of human women being bartered as broodmares to an alien race and helps to fund a rebellion. But what will she do with she is closed to be the queen of the very people she is rebelling against? And what will D’Arik and Varin do when they find out she is supporting the evacuation of human women?

As emotions and passion clash with fundamental differences, Jacy, D’Arik, and Varin must find a way to come together if they want to have any hope of savings the Helan race.

The Tiger's Mate

by Lynn Tyler on 2018-10-14

Thrash, tiger shifter and adviser to the king had it all: a high-ranking job, a home in paradise and a friendship with the king. He had everything, including a gaping hole in his soul that was reserved for his mate. A mate that he had yet to find. Until a scientist working on tracking some ancient missing space shuttles, the Final Hope ships, provides him with a spark of light in the darkness.

To everyone on the outside, Leigh lives the dream life. After scoring job as a zoo vet, she settles in Toronto, Canada. Her days are filled with check-ups, specimen collection and analyzing lab results. And her favorite part, snuggling with the tiger cubs. But she just can’t shake the restlessness that has filled her since she was young; the feeling that her life just isn’t complete.

When the two finally meet, sparks fly but how can they be together when an entire galaxy separates their two planets?