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Anne's Anger: A Bes'veque Gathering Prequel: A SciFi Alien Abduction Story (MF Romance)

by Lynne Fitzpatrick on 2018-11-29

Ten years ago Earth was invaded by aliens. Only by the intervention of another alien race, the Bes’veque was Earth able to win its freedom. However, there was a price to be paid for the Bes’veque’s help. Any woman found to be the mate of a Bes’veque could be “Gathered.” A woman has one chance to deny the Bes’veque’s claim on her, but in ten years no one has beaten the test.
Anne Miller was living a great life with two kids, a great job, and an even greater husband. Her life changed in a second when the Bes’veque scented her. Now she is in the fight of her life to figure out how to win an unwinnable test. If she loses, she will not only lose the love of her life but her memories of her family as well.
It will take Anne, her husband John, and her boss Tony to come together and figure out how to beat the Bes’veque at their own game. It will take not only her love for her husband but also a little bit of anger.
Anne’s Anger is a 35k prequel novella introducing you to the Bes’veque Gathering universe. This book contains flashbacks of previous life events, and there is an HEA at the end. This book is intended for a mature audience 18 years and older.