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Shiva XIV: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) (The Shiva XIV Series)

by Lyra Shanti on 2018-11-14

A dying kingdom. A galaxy in peril... And only the reincarnation of an ancient god can save them.

His sheltered existence torn asunder, Ayn finds himself on an epic journey where he meets new friends, foes, and a mysterious "cat-bird" only he can see.

As disease and war rages, leaders vie for control over The Un galaxy. All the while, Ayn grows into adulthood, moving closer to his true destiny. But will it be the destiny long prophesied, or will it be a fate unknown?

Begin Ayn’s journey today!


This box set contains Books 1-4:

Shiva XIV

The Veil of Truth

The Riddle of the Gods

The River of Time

*Adult themes, intended for mature teens and up.

The Dragon Warrior of Kri: A Shiva XIV Story

by Lyra Shanti on 2017-08-27

Before Meddhi became the high priest who raised Shiva the Fourteenth, he was a young man, destined to be the Dragon Warrior of Kri.

Having left his home planet Deius, and the priesthood he believed would guide him, Meddhi is unsure what his new life on planet Kri will offer. His only goal: protect his dear friends Princess Pira and Prince Atlar at all costs!

When Kri is suddenly attacked, Meddhi finds himself at the forefront of war, which calls forth the dark beast lurking in the shadows. Will he tame the beast, or will it conquer his soul?