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Arriving Soon



by M Kent on 2018-07-29

Eighteen-year-old Infinity Hope Williams is a Lhuman: part of an alien eugenics programme to keep the human race alive as Earth’s demise draws ever closer. She has been bred to have the best qualities of humans, and a telepathic link with the Lumens – the alien race who inject their DNA into human foetuses – allows them to pluck everything she sees and learns straight out of her head. She is preparing to return to the planet Lux, the home world of the Lumens, when a beautiful stranger suddenly crashes – quite literally – into her life. Moss Valentine is gorgeous, smart, and funny, and he quickly throws Infinity’s plans to return home into disarray – especially when the Lumens suddenly abort her extraction with no warning.

It turns out there are things about Infinity that not even the Lumens know or understand. Could she be the answer to a mystery that has plagued the Lhuman race?

One thing is for sure: love like this only happens once in a lifetime. But will it be a human lifetime or a Lumen one?