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Arriving Soon



by M. Marinan on 2019-04-01

In the distant future, Mars is green and wild and divided into lawless principalities…

Earth-born Iscendra Cole has small goals in life. Don’t lose her temper, don’t get robbed, try to sell a few of those funny cartoons she’s so good at sketching. So getting illegally conscripted into the private army of Mars’ most selfish, unpopular High Duke wasn’t on her to-do list at all. And now she’s told it’ll be two years of good behaviour before she can even think about leaving!?

It’s enough to make a girl want to commit treason. Luckily, the High Duke’s handsome cousin (and heir) is only too happy to help her…

Meanwhile, Iscendra’s cousin Aria lives a quiet life on the manmade satellite of Optus, barely touched by the rebellion and drama of the planet below. She spends her days serving drinks and handling drunks in her parents’ resort, until one day a strangely familiar boy shows up on her doorstep…