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Arriving Soon


Ours (Psy-Bond Book 2)

by M. D. Stewart on 2018-08-15

Mace’s story continues…

At seventeen, Max Adams escapes his abusive home to join the military. Climbing quickly through the ranks he’ s put in charge of the top-secret alien testing facilities. He finds out his own brother has been captured by them for studies. Still feeling guilt for abandoning his brother, he goes on a mission to rescue Mace, but his actions cause his brother’s mate to careen back to 1982. He’s devastated to learn that Mace is dying without Abby beside him.
Derek Longstreet took Mace under his wing when they both ran away from abusive homes. After shying away from Mace, rather than tell him the truth about his sexuality, he turns to his secret lover, Max Adams to demand the aliens who captured his former best friend find a way to save Mace’s life.
Sahara is a super sexy alien learning to deal with her new emotions from the injections created by two of her study subjects. She’s slowly becoming aware of the two handsome Earth men who come to her people for help rescuing Abby McMillon from 1982.
Together Sahara, Max and Derek fight political enemies and the US military to bring Abby back to 2018. Finding that they have more in common than their determination, the three of them form their own psy-bond creating an alliance that will not be denied. Even by time itself.
This book contains a ménage relationship with lots of m/f/m bonding and some m/m interactions too. After all, true love isn’t defined by gender.