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Shadow Dancer (Stunt Book 2)

by M. L. Rosado on 2019-02-19

Enter the supernatural world of Stunt, where things are not always what they seem. Vlad is a lonely shadow lifter who works in a traveling circus named Stunt that is meticulously monitored by the Agency that handles all supernatural beings. He finds himself questioning his past after a daunting meeting with the Agency concerning the only woman he has ever loved, Lada. With a simple visit from an agent, a long-lost love comes back into his life and he needs to decide whether he will remain in the shadows or dive in head on into his future. Fate had drawn them apart ten years ago, and now she is right in front of him, guarding some dangerous secrets of her own.
Lada is a single mother of two, a realtor, yoga enthusiast, and number one volunteer mom. But she lives a double life full of mystery, shadows, and fear. The last thing in her mind was Vlad, her first love who she has not seen in ten years. In a blink of an eye, he was back in her life. The secure life that she has made for her girls is under attack by a bigger threat that only she could battle.
Will she be able to secure a future with her girls and save hundreds of victims against a global terrorist? Will her heart survive the risk of losing the man she has ever loved? Will all members of Stunt be able to work together and save the day?