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Arriving Soon


The Enigma: Book 1 of the Kevina Paul Series

by M. Vyas on 2017-12-31

We have reached the end of our journey together. I have finally left you.

Please do not look for me—I will not be reachable.

With these words, Dr. Kevina Paul, renowned authority in global aviation systems, leaves Nigel, her husband of decades, to embark on a soul-searching journey. As Nigel desperately searches for her, Kevina—along with long-time friend, Surin—stumble upon a cyber-terrorism plot designed to cripple the world's aviation infrastructure, they unwittingly become partner in the terrorists' criminal activity.

Will Nigel find Kevina? Will Kevina and Surin be successful in their attempt to thwart the terrorists' scheme?

The Kevina Paul Series: The Enigma is cinematic in its scope and explores the world of the future against a backdrop of international politics and the new age threat of cyber-terrorism.