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Arriving Soon


Doran's Destiny

by M.A. Carlson on 2017-09-09

Earth's overcrowding spurred the inception of the cyborg program. All humans who have lower than an IQ of 150 are labeled sub-par and slotted for the transform centers where they are converted to cyborgs to be used for work off-world that is deemed too hazardous for humans.
As is the case with all subjugated peoples, the cyborgs revolt and escape to form their civilization on the planet, Freedom. They soon realize that they face extinction if a viable way to produce children isn't discovered.
Doran, Cyborg Leader, proposes the breeder's program that will enable cyborg society to flourish. The search for human women begins, and all is well until Doran captures Mallory and her robot, Nasr.
Love and mayhem sweep through the spaceship, Voyager. Soon Doran has seven new cyborgs, five human women, and a mate he never expected.