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Arriving Soon



by M.A. Cowden on 2018-10-27

A fiercely ambitious TV executive in Silicon Valley, Marti has found that fine balance that enables her to run the office and still have time for family and friends. Although her relationship with Alan seems a bit distant lately, the rest of her life is on course to achieve her dreams--until a serious fall changes everything.As a wife and mother in Louis XIV’s France, Marie has few choices outside of her daily routine. With her husband the Marquis in attendance at court in Versailles working on important issues for the King, and her suspicions about his mistresses, she feels she and the children are forgotten in their chateau in the country.Then the Silicon Valley executive and the demure 17th century noblewoman are thrust inexplicably into each other's lives. There, they must each learn to navigate the unfamiliar waters of another time and place. Will they find their way back home?An epic story of two women separated by oceans of time and temperament, Marti is an odyssey of discovery and ultimate triumph.