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Talia (The Watchers Book 3)

by M.D. Stewart on 2019-03-03

Talia Caomhanach is the highest ranked female on her home planet of Otron. After two attacks on her people on Earth, she agrees to meet with the liaison of the American Military over the Exchange House Program. Knowing Elio is her mate, as an Elite it's something that is forbidden for her, Talia struggles with hiding her feelings for the human.
General Elio Vargas grew up in a military household and has made the Air Force his career, but he's not happy that he's going to be stuck in a house with the sexy Head of the Otronian High Council to learn about her people. He was burned once when his wife left him, and he fights his feelings behind walls he's spent years building.
The couple hides their attraction behind anger and fear until they can no longer fight the pull of their desire. But treachery on Otron leads to murders on a distant planet, possibly sinking Talia's peaceful homeworld into war. Can Talia and Elio find a way to survive their forbidden love and save her world?

This book contains aliens we've never met before as the humans' Universe expands, true love, old friends, and of course an HEA.

Double Time (Crossing The Line Book 1)

by M.D. Stewart on 2018-10-18

How can a woman choose between her two sexy husbands?

After a time anomaly appears, Captain Dave Amsted pilots his military chopper over the strange distortion, he begins to remember a woman he's fallen in love with but never met. He's frantic to find the wife he knows is out there, only to find her married to another man. Can he reconnect with the one woman who completes him, or will he have to give her up to the man she's in love with?
As the owner of KenSpec Labs, Dr. Marc Kensington knows about the tears in time. He suddenly starts having dreams about an unknown man, a man who wants to claim his wife, Sadie. He knows he'll fight to keep her for himself, but should he deny her a chance at happiness?
Sadie doesn't understand why she's been dreaming of a man she's only seen in pictures. She's in love with her husband, Marc, but she starts to have memories of being married to this sexy stranger. Suddenly having memories of events that have never happened.
Both men love her, but will she break Marc's heart and choose a husband she's never met?

This story contains love between two men and their wife. And of course, lots of hot ménage m/f/m loving.

Harliss (The Watchers Book 2)

by M.D. Stewart on 2018-10-05

What happens when a wild Cougar mates a man who is new to emotions? Pure love.

When Being scientist Micah sees a Watcher named Harliss Tanielu, in his Exchange House Social Center, sparks fly. Big changes are happening fast to the once emotionless Being, and for the first time in his life, he’s losing control of everything. After their explosive mating, unexpected consequences forces Micah to protect his mate to save her life from hidden dangers within the walls of his own facility.

This story contains lots of purring, growling, fights for domination and changing eye colors. The love between these aliens is hot, explosive and life-changing (for the aliens). Read only if you can stand the heat.

Saving the Elite (Psy-Bond Series Book 4)

by M.D. Stewart on 2018-08-28

Identical twins with a special connection leave Earth to find adventure, love and betrayal on the planet Otron...

After he and his identical twin brother, Andy protect a secret alien site from mercenaries, Alex Remington jumps at the chance for adventure and travels to another planet where he then meets a sexy Otronian doctor named Leila Caomhanach.
But Otron has a hidden group of men known as Traditionalists, who will do anything to make the Earthers disappear from their world. Now Alex and Andy must call on their military training and work together with the other Psy-Bond Mates to protect the government and their new home. Can they come together in time to Save the Elite and keep the planet from sinking into civil war?
This book contains some Haka Dancing, several surprise wolves, some growling and lots of m/f loving. Some violence is to be expected, afterall, a wolf has a right to defend his family!

Mine (Psy-Bond Book 1)

by M.D. Stewart on 2018-08-08

As a thirteen-year-old runaway, Mason “Mace” Adams learned at an early age to always look out for himself and trust no one. His father was an abusive alcoholic, his brother left to join the military and his best friend abandons him. When he’s abducted by aliens in 2017 to take part in “copulations studies”, he tries to keep the shy, sweet woman he’s paired with at arm’s length.

In 1982, Abby McMillion was getting her life back on track after leaving her hometown with a broken heart. She’s captured by aliens, put in stasis and forced to endure long periods of time alone. When she is returned to her dark cell to find a strange man, she’s happy to have human interaction again. She can’t let herself fall for him, no matter how protective and sexy he is.

Together Mace and Abby learn to rely on each other and along the way form a mythical psy-bond, but an accident returns Abby to her time, thirty-five years in the past. Alone and needing his mate, Mace begins a journey to rescue the one woman who completed his broken soul. Now he must find a way to bring Abby back to 2017 and save his sanity.

Mace and Abby’s story continues in the next book, “Ours” and it is worth the journey.