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Forgotten Fallacy (Chronicles of Xannia Book 4)

by M.J. Moores on 2018-11-21

A cruel twist of fate slams Taya face-to-face with destiny.

When the south city discovers a major alien artifact, Taya is catapulted into a salvage mission she has no business being a part of. No matter how hard she tries to tell Dez something’s wrong… with her, he doesn’t listen. He breaks promises. And, worst of all, he doesn’t understand she’s not the same woman who stormed the Underground caverns all those months ago.

Now, as a group of Talian ex-military terrorise the new world, a leading environmental scientist claims the Child Sun is destroying Xannia. The sands of time have run out.

Plan A will destroy a god.

Plan B could unite a nation… or kill the only woman fated to try.

**The long awaited final book in the Chronicles of Xannia**