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Arriving Soon



by M.K. Barrett on 2017-07-15

Life is but a twisted path where we're all prisoners of our hearts.

Dodging an arranged marriage, Princess Cyn of the Quinlight Empire breaks free from her father's rule and escapes to the galaxies only peace keeping planet. There she joins the United Army of the Moral Sector where she quickly rises in rank and partners with Braylen, a human her father would never approve of.

In love with this human male, Cyn longs to forget the unjust edicts of her planet knowing if she forfeits her virginity thereby breaking the most scared rule of her planet her father, the king, will demand her death. Before she can decide what to do, twisted fate and an ill advised mission lead to her capture by a prince of the Immoral Sector. Once Egon and his guards have her in their clutches, Cyn discovers there truly are fates worse than death.