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Arriving Soon


Dark Warrior (Demonbruen Book 2)

by M.R. Kelly on 2019-02-08

Alize has hungered for Arrgeth for as long as she can remember and assumes it’s merely a question of time until the fiercely handsome warrior will claim her as his own. Constantly thwarted by his inaction, however, she takes matters into her own hands, only to be met with a brutal rejection that is like a stake through her heart.

Arrgeth believes that his feelings for Alize are inappropriate. She’s the sister-in-law of his commander and should be given to someone much better than him, for the sake of their race. He wants her badly, loves her madly, so in order to protect her, he must give her up… for both their sakes.

When Alize is kidnapped by rogue Demonbruens, Arrgeth thinks he might just lose his mind. The search is on! Meanwhile, Alize finds herself in a difficult situation, at the mercy of her captors, along with a group of other women who are also being held hostage. No wilting flower, she decides she must take fate into her own hands and devise a method of escape… before it’s too late. She must become the heroine in her own story and prove she is nobody’s pawn.