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Arriving Soon


Trained by the Alien

by Maggie Carpenter on 2019-03-08

First he took her. Now he will train her.

When aliens raid Earth's first colony on Mars, scientist Abby Walker is taken captive. Upon waking aboard an unfamiliar spacecraft, she is informed by an alarmingly handsome male named Zaroff that he will be training her to serve the alien ruler. She will be taught all the ways her body can be used to please her future master, and any disobedience will be sternly punished.

Though she earns a spanking on her bare bottom within moments of meeting Zaroff, Abby quickly discovers there are far more embarrassing ways for a naughty human to be reminded of her place. Yet as her naked body is shamefully displayed and stimulated, Abby finds herself quivering with helpless need and begging him to claim her as hard and thoroughly as he pleases.

With her presentation to the ruler approaching, Abby realizes that she cannot imagine belonging to anyone but the trainer who has won her heart. But will the ruler allow Zaroff to keep her?

Publisher's Note: Trained by the Alien includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.