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Arriving Soon


Captivated by Jane (Gifted Series Book 2)

by Maggie Lolen on 2018-05-11


Never believed in angels until finding Jane. With bloodstained hands and an even darker heart, he doesn't believe that he deserves her, but Gods help anyone who tries to take her away. Fighting the anomaly and adjusting to life in civilization, Atlas fears that his past will rip Jane from his arms long before the Nox do.


Has waited for the missing piece of her soul since before she was a vampire. Most think her to be naïve, but there cannot be light without darkness, and the demons of Jane's past know that too well. Determined to enjoy their destiny, she tries to mend the broken pieces of the vampire she loves, even if Atlas doesn't think he deserves it.

With a new foe rising to take Samuel's place leading the Nox and an old friend returning, will darkness finally consume the light?

Author's Note:
The page count listed below is inaccurate and will reflect the true page count closer to the release date! This is a FULL length novel.

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