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Arriving Soon


Reluctant Bride (Clear Water Bride Series Book 4)

by Marcella DiPaolo on 2019-01-05

Aaron Anderson has been in love with Cate Buchanan for almost five years. He just had to wait for her to grow up. Now that she’s almost within his reach, an unforeseen horrible life-changing incident happens. Aaron marries Cate to stop any terrible gossip or repercussions from the incident. He leaves Cate with her family to right the injustice upon her. During that time, Cate heals and tries to start living her life again. Then Aaron comes back home.
Two years have passed and much has happened to both of them. They don’t know whether they can resurrect the love they once shared to give both of them the marriage they still want or if the past will continue to keep them apart.
Will they learn to trust and love one another again after all this time? Will Aaron’s past and Cate’s keep them apart? Will they learn to fight together to make a marriage that will withstand the pitfalls of an uncertain world? Will love find a way to keep them together and make a new life for both of them?

Runaway Bride (Clear Water Bride Series Book 5)

by Marcella DiPaolo on 2019-01-05

Willow Wood and her brothers and sister have to get away from the man who killed her parents. After traveling for over five weeks, they come to Clear Water, Montana. Will they be safe here?
Deputy Micah Buchanan sets out to help them. He doesn’t set out to fall in love and Willow doesn’t want to love any man, much less a lawman! He doesn’t want anything to hurt the beautiful runaway. Over time, Willow learns to trust Micah to help keep her family safe. She might even learn to trust him with her heart. He’ll stop at nothing to keep her and her brothers and sister safe. Maybe together they can solve any problem that comes up and find happiness along the way.
Will Micah find the key to Willow’s heart and her future? Will Willow learn how to forget the past and put her faith in the future?

Bargain Bride (Clear Water Bride Series Book 1)

by Marcella DiPaolo on 2019-01-05

Bargain Bride is a western historical romance novel set in Clear Water, Montana in 1884. It is a story of courage, hope, and new beginnings. Aurora (Ro) McCoy is the heroine looking for a new life. Being a bit tall and not so beautiful, she found herself facing life's challenges alone. She wanted to go somewhere where getting a new start would be possible, someplace where she’d find someone to love her for who she is, not for what she can bring with her in the marriage. She had already turned away too many men who only wanted her father’s farm and not her. She’s willing to risk it all to get the man who will love her and the family she's always wanted. She discovered an ad about an event in Montana, a bride social, where men and women seeking a partner could meet. She’s willing to take a chance by going to Clear Water to attend the social.
Quinn Buchanan has had a bad year. He lost his partner to a bear as well as his brother and sister-in-law in a carriage accident, and now he’s the guardian of his brother's three children, twin boys and a girl. He knows nothing about raising kids, and he’s about to lose his ranch. He decides to see if he might get some help by attending the upcoming bride social.
The two meet, and Quinn finds out that Aurora McCoy is a lot more than he ever bargained for!

Forgotten Bride (Clear Water Bride Series Book 3)

by Marcella DiPaolo on 2019-01-05

Abby Buchanan grew up to be a beautiful woman and a very efficient nurse. She always promised that when she grew up she’d marry Ethan Wilson. Of course, she never told him that. Now that he’s coming back to Clear Water, Montana to practice medicine, she hopes her dreams will come true.
Dr. Ethan Wilson can’t believe the difference that eight years will make in a person’s life. From struggling student to becoming a doctor seems like it’s too good to be true. He finds love only to lose it when he’s in an accident and gets amnesia. He doesn’t remember Abby or their life together. Will he ever regain his memory and Abby?

Troubled Bride (Clear Water Bride Series Book 2)

by Marcella DiPaolo on 2019-01-05

Roberta Michaels is running for her life! She’s running from an abusive husband and a virtual hell on earth. She has to find the courage to get a better life for herself and her little girl, Riley. She would do anything to keep Riley safe, even marry a stranger. She travels to Clear Water, Montana to hopefully become a bride at the bride social.
Sheriff Hunter Evans wants a family of his own. Having grown up in an orphanage, he wants someone to love him and give him something to come home to in the evenings. He signs up for the bride social hoping to find someone to love. Little does Hunter know that when he looks at the bruised and battered woman standing before him that he’s met the woman of his dreams.
Together they will meet any and all odds against them to make a safe home for them all.