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Seduced by the Gladiators: The Complete Trilogy: A Science Fiction Reverse Harem Romance

by Margo Bond Collins on 2017-10-30

They’ll change her life. She’ll change their world.

Note: This book includes the entire serial reverse-harem romance collection: Mikolaus, Luken, and Domiku.

The days of pitched battles to win the hand of one of Lurra’s very few women may be over, but as the top fighters in the ceremonial, gladiator-style games, Mikolaus always assumed that he and his triad—including his triad-brothers Domiku and Luken—would settle down with a traditional Lurran girl.

Until the day he meets Hannah.

She’s eager enough to learn about Lurra, but despite her attraction to the culture and Mikolaus, he’s not sure he can get her to reconcile her Earth-2 upbringing with Lurra’s strict ideas about marriage.

Not alone, anyway.

Maybe together, his triad can convince her that marriage should be between one woman … and three men.

Get all three books of Seduced by the Gladiators in one volume!

I'll be on New London for Christmas

by Margo Bond Collins on 2017-10-09

When Gabbi Esser joined the Galactic Coalition Fleet Marines, she dreamed of seeing the universe. Instead, she’s sent to New London—the most backward planet in the Coalition—to protect one of its silly nobles during their holiday season.

Now the duke she’s guarding wants her to pretend to be his date at several Christmas parties, and she’s more intrigued by him than she wants to admit.

They can carry this off without falling in love ... but only in their dreams.

Luken (Seduced by the Gladiators Book 2)

by Margo Bond Collins on 2017-07-25

She could gain a love three times as strong.

When Hannah traveled to the lost colony planet of Lurra, she never expected to fall in love with Mikolaus. The more she learns about their culture, the more Lurra intrigues her—especially their marriage into quads, groups of three men and a single woman.

In order to make her dreams of a life with Mikolaus come true, she’ll have to learn to love his triad-brothers, Luken and Domiku, as well.

But the arrival of the Earth-2 diplomatic delegation is bringing change to Lurran society, and Hannah’s fledgling romances may not survive the shift.

Still, for as long as she can, Hannah will allow herself to be seduced by the gladiators.