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Arriving Soon


Finders Keepers (Wolves of Tenney Springs Book 2)

by Maria C. Bane on 2019-06-18

Even a lone wolf needs a pack.

For a moment, Etta thought she had it good. But after putting the Faheys and their home at risk, she decides her only choice is to go back on the run to keep them safe.

A choice Jackson won’t accept.

After dragging Etta home, Jackson is desperate to prove he can keep her safe if only she’ll stop trying to run. Even if that means teaming up with some unlikely allies along the way.

New shifters have come to town, and they’re carrying a secret that could destroy everything all over again. If Jackson and Etta want to survive a second round, they’ll have to decide who to trust—and whether they’re really ready to trust each other.

Not everything is as it seems in Tenney Springs.

Author’s Warning: This book contains scenes that may be troubling to those with family or fertility issues. Please read with caution.