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Watchers: Kronos

by Marietta Standlee on 2018-06-11

Part 2 of the Watchers series
Katana has returned to Kronos and is finally reunited with Gavin. The two join up with the resistance in order to put an end to the "Other Planets" show.
Here they find new allies and fight old adversaries.
Can they defeat the Prefects and return to Earth in peace?

Other Planets: : Earth

by Marietta Standlee on 2018-05-15

Image our world being a virtual reality show for people from another planet. They watch us, they influence us, they kill us for their entertainment. And there is nothing you can do about it.
Two lovers, caught in the middle, a young girl and a young boy. Each fighting their own demons and keeping their own secrets from one another
Sixteen year old, Morgan lost everything in a car crash, that killed her entire family, including her memory. As she fights to unravel her past, she meets charismatic Fenrick and they fall in love. But what secrets is he keeping from her?