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Blue Before The Deep

by Mark Parsons on 2018-04-03

Perversity, adversity and zombies... In a world infected by Zvirus and the slackers of the undead, the battle is on to make a final stand, and a final hope amongst despair, loss and Spam. As the threads of love, trust and purpose unravel, what remains to cling onto, when the fat Z belches?

Excerpt: And so, 160 characters herald the txt apocalypse. No four horsemen, no rising of the dead, no trumpets of angels, just a single ding. It poly morphs; any device soon infected by its ultra-frequency hatred. Much more virulent than Ebola, more deadly than Anthrax; Zvirus. The irony; our scientists who could have found a cure were so stuck in their own intrawebs, spidery Zvirus swept through them first. And the kicker? You didn't catch Zvirus on the train, plane or bus, you clicked here. Uploaded into the deep bowels of the dark web, there wasn't any time to go beyond author uncited, malice unknown.

And that malice turns husband against wife, sister, brother. Children tear apart children. Love became the rarest of things. It became our one true thing, helping Sam and me survive, together. Until Zvirus took Sam from me...