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Maid To Mate (Celestial Mates Book 9)

by Marla Therron on 2018-01-10

After her father mysteriously disappeared when she was only eight years old, beautiful and curvy scientist Katie O’Helm has been determined to find out where he went and why he left her and her mother. Her quest takes her the wild and distant world of Kraxzan, where she joins a research team from Earth.

But soon, her need to discover why her father came here brings her into contact with the powerful and ruthless Kraxzan warrior Kandon Rhar.

The powerful Lord Warrior known to have a temper hotter than the Oceans of Flame and a heart colder than the Frozen Tombs.

A cold and brooding alpha, Kandon has no time for the stubborn and headstrong human from Earth but her father’s secret research and an unusual proposition brings them closer together.

Forced to take up Kandon’s humiliating offer to work as the alien’s maid, Katie has to figure out if the fierce alien has a hidden kinder side. Deep passions are brought to the surface as Kandon is forced to confront his own past and Katie races against time to complete her father’s work and save Kraxzan from destruction.

As Katie and Kandon struggle with their growing feelings for each other, they embark on a romantic adventure that will change their lives and an alien world forever.

Alien Lord's Fated (Celestial Mates Forever Book 3)

by Marla Therron on 2017-10-20

All Sasha wanted was to pursue a career as a scientist, and working for the prestigious Science Council was everything this beautiful, curvy girl could ever wish for, but when her boss persuades her to take part in a daring new project, her life changes completely.

Desperate to keep their species going after their women become infertile, the barbarian world of Kydrax enters into an agreement with Earth to obtain compatible wives for their warriors.

At first, Sasha wants nothing to do with it, but she is duped by her scheming boss to go to Kydrax to discuss the matter further. To her shock, she is forced into a marriage with the powerful Alpha chieftain Zarin and must start a new life as his wife on his harsh and savage planet.

At first she longs to return to Earth and wants nothing to do with the sexy warrior, but when a jealous enemy threatens her life, she realises that Zarinin and Kydrax are more important to her than she first thought, and a new exciting and steamy new world of desire and lust is revealed to her.

Unlocking deep passion and understand the real meaning of love, Sasha discovers her true destiny at the side of her Alpha mate.

Adults Only!

Royal Protector: Battle Of Love (Celestial Mates Book 8)

by Marla Therron on 2017-09-29

Terrorised by a ruthless regime and defeated in a long and brutal war with the alpha warriors of Zodia, Earth must rebuild itself and begin a new era of peace. For sexy, curvy nurse Kayla, this is easier said than done.

Worn down by the fighting and facing an uncertain future, she fears she’ll never be happy again. That all changes though, after she meets the sexy and powerful Alien Prince Leos.

Feeling an instant attraction, the two get closer and Leos invites her to come to his world. Fearful at first, she finds herself bonding with the exotic alien planet of Zodia and falling for the sultry Leos big time.

Sensing that she might have found the happiness she longs for, she suddenly has to combat against the dark lusts of Leos’ sinister brother Geminus and confront the terrible secrets of her own past.

Can she find true love with Leos and move into a bright new future?

Adults Only!

Royal Defender: Her Space Guardian (Celestial Mates Book 9)

by Marla Therron on 2017-09-11

Travelling from Earth on a mercy mission, beautiful and curvy scientist Jenna seeks to develop a cure for a terrible plague that is devastating the distant, barbaric world of Kastra.

Career focused and driven to succeed, Jenna has closed herself off from emotional attachments and romance and wants only to work on a vaccine to help the Kastrans. However, after an assassination attempt nearly kills her before she can begin her work, she is assigned a surly, Alpha bodyguard called Tawn.

A veteran of Kastra’s brutal civil wars, the brooding, stoic Tawn seeks only a quiet life and has closed off his own emotions for fear of being hurt and betrayed. When the two are forced to work together, it kindles a mutual desire that erupts into a wild and burning passion and with Tawn’s help Jenna races against time to develop a vaccine as a dangerous enemy seeks to destroy her and conquer Kastra for himself.

What follows is a thrill ride alien romance full of suspense and passion.

Adults Only!

Alien Commander's Imprisoned (Celestial Mates Forever Book 2)

by Marla Therron on 2017-08-10

Kristina Tyler embarks upon the space adventure in hopes of hiding from problems at home, but the brilliant scientist least expects getting noticed by the Alien Commander, let alone being captured for torture…