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Arriving Soon


Syren Moon 37: Avoidance

by Martyn Brown on 2017-10-28

The Early Spring Fling is in full swing but something other than flirting is on the minds of some of the teenage dancers...

Syren Moon 34: Lovescape

by Martyn Brown on 2017-09-26

Even the most devoted of the Sigillian Order can find his best laid plans under threat from youthful emotions

Syren Moon 30: Venturesque

by Martyn Brown on 2017-08-22

For some it is not enough to live a long and peaceful life when there is a whole galaxy to explore

Syren Moon 25: Sichorean

by Martyn Brown on 2017-07-12

Preparations for the Spring Fling do not go quite according to plan

Syren Moon 23: Shadowsong

by Martyn Brown on 2017-07-07

Tamara Helicon decides it is time to make a choice in love but something deeper stirs within her...