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Arriving Soon


I Am Alive: A Sci-Fi Romance Novella (The Collection Series Book 1)

by Matthew Birch on 2018-09-17

“It all started at a bus stop, on a night like this…”

Two points of view take place on opposing sides; neither side is right, or wrong. Forced into a relentless struggle to stay afloat, where the living flesh dictates its fear of the unknown against those it created from the dust they walked on.

To be ruled by fear is the exact same reason the Orange bloods lead their revolution in various ways, be it pacifist, neutral, or war-like.

There are two sides to every story, and this one shows the point of view of a young woman just solely trying to make her way in a distorted reality, where man and machine strive as enemies, only, for the brighter path to blind both.

However, what may possibly come to pass when a straightforward wait for the bus, sees two unlikely people working together to survive the inevitable…?