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Arriving Soon



by Matthew Marlott on 2018-11-27

Nancy Clark was an average, athletic, and pretty high school student until she witnessed the explosion and complete vaporization of the Breckenridge Institute of Discovery, a government funded scientific research facility. No one remembers the Institute ever existed, but to make matters worse, she shifts into a new universe every single day, and she is the only one that notices anything is different. In order for her to receive help from her best friend and eccentric genius, Rain Fischer, she has to ally with Rain's neighbor, the biggest loser in school, Danny Princeton, a huge nerd, dork, and social outcast that she formerly hated. Will she solve the mystery of the Breckenridge explosion, and is it possible for her to find love in the most unlikely of places? D-Shift is a young adult science fiction teen romance that tells the story of a young woman who must deal with change in a way so drastic that most of us could not handle it without going insane, but more importantly it is a sweet tale of young love where real love is when you love someone for who they are, not what they are.